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Meet The Team

Felix has been designing residential, recreational, and commercial buildings for the past 24 years within Europe and North America. Throughout his career, Felix has gained extensive experience in designing and building massive wood structures. His belief is to create homes and buildings which are sustainable, promote healthy living, and are economically green.

Felix holds a German degree of Architecture and practiced in Europe as a German registered architect. In that position he lead the German Honka planning department for several years. In later years, Felix continued his career in Canada. This is where he established Bauhaus Designs, which would later become Westerkamp Designs Inc. 

Throughout his work in Canada, Felix has won several awards. Designing wood and mountain homes lead Felix to begin working with First Nations, where he designed and built the Fairford First Nation Band Office.  

Felix has had the great pleasure of building a respectful cliental, and establishing a pleasant workplace where he has had the opportunity to train others, and build lasting relationships with his clients and employees. Felix looks to the future with the hope to continue providing services to others, and continuing to grow lasting relationships.

The Designer

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